The Grove School Official Monopoly Tournament

The Grove School

The Grove School’s mission is to provide a unique learning environment consistent with Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision for secondary age students. Students will be encouraged to reach their full potentials as self-directed individuals within the framework of a Montessori educational system. Drawing on Montessori theory and practice, the secondary program will provide the students with two crucial components: an environment that fosters self-responsibility through an individualized curriculum; and core course work that ensures each student’s ability to master individual and state competency goals. The Montessori-trained students of the School will be trained to initiate, plan and complete projects using critical thinking skills and obtained knowledge, and be able to reflect on and evaluate the outcomes of these projects. These skills will enable them to become lifelong learners and community leaders.

The future of our world depends upon our young people and with the proper preparation, these young people will lead us into the next decade and the years to come and create a better world for humanity.

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See Video From a Past Grove School MONOPOLY® Event

Join us at our 9th Annual Grove School MONOPOLY® Game Tournament on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at The Grove School in Redlands, California.
All proceeds from MONOPOLY® Game Tournament will benefit the
The Grove School PTG Scholarship Fund.

The Grove School MONOPOLY Tournament is not sponsored by Hasbro.

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